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Dr.Dunner Ashwagandha, rhodiola and Turmeic packs

We combine traditional knowledge of picking, drying and storing herbs with modern state-of-the-art technology and laboratory techniques to create unique blends of herbs and vitamins.  100% natural herbal supplements to promote healthy and sustainable living from Dr.Dünner®.

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Are all your ingredients locally sourced?

We try and source as many of our ingredients from local suppliers as possible, often from the farms and market gardens in the UNESCO Biosphere of Entlebuch. Its abundant meadows, alpine foothills, and clean air provide a haven for herbs and wild plants, so they flourish and grow, bursting with goodness.
The ingredients that we can’t source sustainably from local suppliers are ethically sourced from around the world. For example, our Ashwagandha is cultivated and sustainably harvested in India.

How do you add ingredients that can’t be distilled, such as Turmeric?

When the ingredient is not a plant or flower, grinding and drying is our usual method of extracting the best quality nutrients before adding them to our beautiful blends.

Why is reduced pressure vacuum distillation important?

Distillation in a reduced pressure vacuum is vital to make sure we extract the best quality vitamins and minerals from our plants, flowers and herbs. It helps to preserve their natural goodness because it requires a much lower boiling temperature (around 37°c). Whilst high-pressure distillation is cheaper and quicker, it means boiling the plants at 100 where they lose much of the goodness that they hold.

Will the Ashwagandha, Basil and Biotin help my anxiety?

Dr.Dünner® Ashwagandha, Basil and Biotin supplement is designed to support your nervous system, to help you feel calm, relaxed and less anxious.

I eat healthily but I still don’t feel on top form. Will these supplements help?

The body needs lots of different vitamins and minerals to function at its best potential and sometimes, even if we eat healthily, we don’t feel 100%.  The relationship between nutrition and our immune system is highly complex and we all metabolize foods differently. The Dr.Dünner® approach is all about helping you find the right balance of the phytochemicals that plants, herbs, and vitamins provide, to help your body thrive.

I feel tired and drained, what supplements should I take?

We would recommend our vegan supplement with Rhodiola, Passion flower, Copper, Zinc, and B vitamins. It is designed to help you reduce tiredness and fatigue. Just one capsule a day gives you energy, focus and helps you feel on top of your game!

I’ve recently become vegan, and I’m worried about not getting enough vitamin B12. Will the Dr.Dünner® supplements help?

B12 is often lacking in a plant-based diet as it is primarily found in fish, meat, eggs, and dairy food. Some foods are fortified with vitamin B12 such as some kinds of plant milk, soy products, or breakfast cereals. You could also try Dr.Dünner® Phytovitalty Rhodiola, Passion Flower, & vitamins B2, B6 & B12 capsules with zinc to supplement your diet.

I really like the look of the Dr.Dünner® products, but they cost more than I would normally pay for a mineral supplement. Why?

They do cost more than some supplements and there are a few reasons why. The quality of the plants and herbs is exceptionally high and the care, diligence, and testing that goes into every stage of the process are more time-consuming and costly than some. The benefit of this is that each individual capsule is high potency, meaning you only need to take one a day and a box will last 2 months.

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Ashwagandha - Calm & Relaxed

Ashwagandha, Basil and Biotin capsules

Biotin supports the normal functioning of the nervous system


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Rhodiola, Passion Flower, Copper & B vitamins for Energy & Mind

Rhodiola, Passion Flower, Copper & Vits B2, B6 & B12 capsules & Zinc

Vitamin B6 & B12 contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism


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Woman sat under a tree inside a bubble. Turmeric, Pepper & Green Tea capsules with Vitamin C for Immunity support

Turmeric, Pepper and Green Tea capsules with Vitamin C

Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system


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UNESCO organic growing area of Entlebuch – home of Dr.Dünner®

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